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Brenna Kay
United States
Current Residence: PA, USA
Favourite genre of music: Anime Soundtracks, Electronica, and Techno. Listen to just about everything though.
Personal Quote: It's just another day on the calendar of life to me
Well thanks to an unexpected, weather related, 24 hour delay it took me longer to get home then I would have liked. Home now though.
Fortunetely said delay also allowed me to complete my 1st offical Cobracon Fanfic, yay!! I will be posting said fanfic shortly.

The Transformers Poll is still running.

Well I think that covers everything.
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: The Bourne Suspremacy
  • Reading: Mack Bolan: Lethal Impact
  • Watching: Marvel's Agent Carter
  • Playing: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
  • Eating: Chicken Pizza
  • Drinking: Fanta Orange


 Double Take
Alt. Form(s): S.H.A.R.C., Sky Hawk
Role: Team Leader
Brief Bio: Triple Changer, Counterpart to Razorwing.

Name: Breakwave
Alt. Form(s): Killer W.H.A.L.E.
Role: 2nd in Command, Tactics
Brief Bio: Counterpart to Wave Break.

Name: White Out
Alt. Form(s): Snow Cat
Role: Arctic Operations
Brief Bio: Counterpart to Ice.

Name: Bastion
Alt. Form(s): Persuader
Role: Ground Operations, Fire Support
Brief Bio: Counterpart to Fusillade.

Name: Wake
Alt. Form(s): Piranha Attack Boat
Role: Water Operations
Brief Bio: Counterpart to Capsize.

Name: Stryker
Alt. Form(s): Conquest X-30
Role: Air Superiority, Scout
Brief Bio: Counterpart to Vapor Trail.

Name: Silver Streak
Alt. Form(s): Phantom X-19
Role: Scout, Recon
Brief Bio:

Alt. Form(s): Silver Mirage
Role: Human Liaison Officer, Scout
Brief Bio:

 Guide Wire
Alt. Form(s): A.W.E. Striker
Role: Desert Operations, Medic
Brief Bio:

Freedombot Affiliated Minicons
Name: Bulwark
Alt. Form(s): RAM
Brief Bio: Usually assigned to Breakwave.

Name: Waves
Alt. Form(s): Wave Crusher
Brief Bio: Usually assigned to Breakwave.

Name: Full Bore
Alt. Form(s): Assault Quad
Brief Bio: Usually assigned to Breakwave.

Name: Whirlwind
Alt. Form(s): Skystorm
Brief Bio:

 Trick Shot
Alt. Form(s): Vector
Brief Bio: Usually assigned to Silver Streak.
Meet the Freedombot Team
So a friend of mine, :iconmimzy94: finished reading chapter one of my Cobracon fic(s), and when I said I was stuck on how to continue she suggested I make a similar set of Autobots and do something from their point of view. Although I didn't intend to make one from the Autobot POV it was a good enough idea so I compiled a counterpart list to my Cobracons, here it is. Please note that the reason they lack any names is because it's an extreme WIP and frankly I used all the cool names on my Cobracons, lol.

Your probably wondering why I went with the name FreedomBots for the new team the answer is rather simple. [1] Joebots reminded me to much of the syntho-droid scheme from the original G.I. Joe tv series, [2] AutoJoes sounds even worse, and [3] Most "cannon" Autobot sub-groups always seem to have Bot in them.

As I intended only to do the Cobracons I wouldn't expect to see to many of the FreedomBots as commissions unless, possibly the demand becomes overwhelming. So yeah their all now officially named. YAY!!

FreedomBot Team© Me
G.I. Joe & Transformers© Hasbro
Razorwing Filecard (Final) by Ravenshard82
Razorwing Filecard (Final)
Final version of the filecard for my Transformers OC Razorwing.

Thanks to :icongrungewerxshop: for the awsome image.
As usual the filecard generator can be found here:…

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