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Brenna Kay
United States
Current Residence: PA, USA
Favourite genre of music: Anime Soundtracks, Electronica, and Techno. Listen to just about everything though.
Personal Quote: It's just another day on the calendar of life to me
Well thanks to an unexpected, weather related, 24 hour delay it took me longer to get home then I would have liked. Home now though.
Fortunetely said delay also allowed me to complete my 1st offical Cobracon Fanfic, yay!! I will be posting said fanfic shortly.

The Transformers Poll is still running.

Well I think that covers everything.
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 Double Take
Alt. Form(s): S.H.A.R.C., Sky Hawk
Role: Team Leader
Brief Bio: Triple Changer, Counterpart to Razorwing.

Name: Breakwave
Alt. Form(s): Killer W.H.A.L.E.
Role: 2nd in Command, Tactics
Brief Bio: Counterpart to Wave Break.

Name: White Out
Alt. Form(s): Snow Cat
Role: Arctic Operations
Brief Bio: Counterpart to Ice.

Name: Bastion
Alt. Form(s): Persuader
Role: Ground Operations, Fire Support
Brief Bio: Counterpart to Fusillade.

Name: Wake
Alt. Form(s): Piranha Attack Boat
Role: Water Operations
Brief Bio: Counterpart to Capsize.

Name: Stryker
Alt. Form(s): Conquest X-30
Role: Air Superiority, Scout
Brief Bio: Counterpart to Vapor Trail.

Name: Silver Streak
Alt. Form(s): Phantom X-19
Role: Scout, Recon
Brief Bio:

Alt. Form(s): Silver Mirage
Role: Human Liaison Officer, Scout
Brief Bio:

 Guide Wire
Alt. Form(s): A.W.E. Striker
Role: Desert Operations, Medic
Brief Bio:

Freedombot Affiliated Minicons
Name: Bulwark
Alt. Form(s): RAM
Brief Bio: Usually assigned to Breakwave.

Name: Waves
Alt. Form(s): Wave Crusher
Brief Bio: Usually assigned to Breakwave.

Name: Full Bore
Alt. Form(s): Assault Quad
Brief Bio: Usually assigned to Breakwave.

Name: Whirlwind
Alt. Form(s): Skystorm
Brief Bio:

 Trick Shot
Alt. Form(s): Vector
Brief Bio: Usually assigned to Silver Streak.
Meet the Freedombot Team
So a friend of mine, :iconmimzy94: finished reading chapter one of my Cobracon fic(s), and when I said I was stuck on how to continue she suggested I make a similar set of Autobots and do something from their point of view. Although I didn't intend to make one from the Autobot POV it was a good enough idea so I compiled a counterpart list to my Cobracons, here it is. Please note that the reason they lack any names is because it's an extreme WIP and frankly I used all the cool names on my Cobracons, lol.

Your probably wondering why I went with the name FreedomBots for the new team the answer is rather simple. [1] Joebots reminded me to much of the syntho-droid scheme from the original G.I. Joe tv series, [2] AutoJoes sounds even worse, and [3] Most "cannon" Autobot sub-groups always seem to have Bot in them.

As I intended only to do the Cobracons I wouldn't expect to see to many of the FreedomBots as commissions unless, possibly the demand becomes overwhelming. So yeah their all now officially named. YAY!!

FreedomBot Team© Me
G.I. Joe & Transformers© Hasbro
Razorwing Filecard (Final) by Ravenshard82
Razorwing Filecard (Final)
Final version of the filecard for my Transformers OC Razorwing.

Thanks to :icongrungewerxshop: for the awsome image.
As usual the filecard generator can be found here:…
Serpent's Back Atoll, Ekans Island, 0600 hours

Razorwing stood above her unit observing them from the glistening elevated catwalk of the Loading Dock. As her violet optics flicked from one robotic face to the next she ran a mental roll call of her gathered forces. The first to fall under her violet hued gaze was Ice. Ice was Razorwing's third in command and was the units' arctic operations expert. Gifted with a specialized chassis ment to better withstand the sub-arctic temperatures that often debilitated the rest of her comrades and the most human tolerant of the Cobracon team Ice was often the face of the Cobracon's arctic presence. <Ice's alternate form was that of a Cobra Ice Sabre well suited for her role>. Next to fall under her purple gaze was Fusillade. Fusillade served as the units' heavy weapons expert and artillery support. Gruff and probably the least tolerant of their human allies, and humans in general, Fusillade does however being enough firepower to get any job given to him done. <Cobra Command states that Fusillade's alternate form is that of a H.I.S.S. II tank which suits him well>. The third Cobracon team member to fall under Razorwing's scrutinizing gaze was Capsize. Capsize is the unit's youngest solider and despite lacking discipline fancies herself a naval combat expert. <Cobra Command calls Capsize's alternate form a Cobra Moray. As it's a hydrofoil I hope her speed won't go to her head>. Finally Razorwing's violet optics fell apon her fellow wingmates Firestorm and Vapor Trail. Although both assist Razorwing with her air superiority duties they both have their own specialties. Firestorm is geared towards ground support operations where as Vapor Trail functioned as the main Seeker. Those unawear of the team's dynamics often mistake the two for siblings. <The M.A.R.S. Industries catalog indicates that Firestorm's alternate form is that of a Cobra Rattler while Vapor Trail's alternate form is that of the Hurricane VTOL, rather appropriate for them both all things considered>. Notably absent where the towering Wave Break, her compliment of equally short Minicon flight team, and Boomslang. The reasoning behind Wave Break's and the Minicons Wildcard's, Razor Rain's, Blitz Storm's, Nightstreak's, Blastcap's, and Thunder Child's absence was easily explained though as Razorwing had sent them out to patrol the island's perimeter. Wave Break was Razorwing's second in command and in charge of tactics. <Although her alternate form isn't a Cobra design I have to give credit to whoever originally came up with a submersible aircraft carrier as a design is a genius>. 

As Razorwing finished taking her mental roll call the beep of an incoming communique sounded on the screen behind her. As Razorwing activated the communications panel the image of Boomslang's mostly featureless face plate came into being before it's metallic voice exited from the communication screen's speakers. "Incoming communication from Cobra Commander for you ma'am." Razorwing would straighten her back as she clasped her black titanium hands behind her back. "We mustn't keep the Commander waiting, should we?" Her metallic Romanian accent garnished with a bit of sarcasm. "No ma'am we shouldn't. I'll patch him through now." As Boomslang opened the comm channel the blue hooded figure of Cobra Commander would appear on the screen as Boomslang's image was redelegated  to the upper right hand corner in a smaller window. Boomslang was a Cobra battle android Trooper, or BAT, which was an Earth made android that Razorwing had modified with a holographic disguise matrix and a voice modulator. Boomslang had the dubious task of serving as the Cobracons' liaison to the Cobra organization at large as Razorwing only preferred dealing with Baroness, Destro, or Stomshadow as she merely tolerated Cobra Commander because of his position as Cobra's legitimate leader. Razorwing would take an exaggerated bow. As Razorwing righted herself the combined silver Decepticon and Cobra logo caught the lighting just right. "Good Morning Commander. What can I do for you?" The blue hooded figure seemed quiet pleased with the show of servitude from the fifteen foot tall alien robot and was no doubt grinning under his hood. "If only the rest of my subordinates showed such enthusiasm as you do Razorwing. I trust your disguises are satisfactory?" As Cobra Commander paused to wait for an answer Razorwing responded. "We have yet to test them in combat but yes their quiet satisfactory so far." The hooded figure nodded. "Perhaps you should rectify that. Your to sterilize the neighboring islands of the atoll so that Cobra may begin constructing a new base in your vicinity." Razorwing offered a quick and precise salute. "By your command." As the communique ended and Cobra Commander's image was once again replaced by Boomslang's the BAT spoke up. "Sorry about that ma'm" "It's alright Boomslang, it's all in the line of duty." <By Primus! I despise that Fleshling!!> Leaving her thoughts carefully guarded.

Gripping the catwalk guide rail with her hands Razorwing would turn back to her troops and continue to address them. "You heard the fleshling, our orders are to sterilize the surrounding islands so Big Blue can build a new base which will also allow us to familiarize ourselves with our new disguises. Before that though I think we should remind ourselves that our true leader is first and for most Lord Megatron and Megatron's orders will always supersede Cobra Commander's. Let's review shall we? Lord Megatron's orders are as follows; first and foremost is to never let Cybertronian technology fall into human hands again, no matter which group they represent. Secondly scout out and secure any new energon deposits or the means to create more. Thirdly keep both the Cobra Organization and G.I. Joe teams out of Lord Megatron's gears and cogs to the best of our abilities. Finally we're to maintain our alliance with Cobra Commander and his organization, including supporting their plans, until Lord Megatron decides it's time to dissolve our partnership at which time we are to secure and defend all of our assets." Activating another communications link Razorwing spoke directly to Wave Break and her Minicon team. "Did you copy all of that Wave Break?" A heavy female voice clicked over the communications channel. "Operational parameters understood. Commencing sterilization." Turning her attention back to the rest of her forces she address them as a group one last time. "Dismissed!" "Ice could you hold up a minute, I have a different mission for you." As the rest of the Cobracon team filed out Ice climbed the steps of the catwalk before stopping in front of her commanding officer and saluting. "Yes Ma'am?" Razorwing would return her third in command's salute. "I want you to join the next Cobra arctic mission. While your there I want you to keep an eye out for not only any undiscovered energon deposits but also find a suitable location for a secondary base just encase our Cobra comrades tire of our partnership before we do. Your to keep the second half of this conversation between us." Ice would nod her white dome as her blue optics lit up at the prospect of getting off the sub-tropical island and into her preferred element of bitter cold winds. "Understood Commander."
Cobracons Chapter 1: Orders from Above
As promised, one Cobracon fanfic.
I would have posted this yesterday but was tired and distracted. Then again I was also proof reading, editing, and spell checking while typing it most likely didn't help, lol.

Timeline is supposed to be shortly after the end of the original G.I. Joe vs Transformers story arc.
Orders from Above is designed to give you a basic sense of who the characters are and their mission priorities.

I'll also point out that it's been along time since I've attempted to write anything of this length so it may be a bit sub-par.

The Cobracon Team© Me
G.I. Joe and Transformers© Hasbro

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